Time Management Training

is for you if…
You seem to spend your days stressed, disorganised or frustrated at the “lack” of time you encounter. Intensive and time-ecient, this course will give you practical and applicable tools and skills to help you be more organised, focused and productive in the workplace. Whilst not being able to “make” more time, you will be shown how to use the time available eciently. If you use these skills well, you will be able to function eectively, even under intense

Learning Outcomes

Upon course completion, participants will be able to:
• Identify the way the you currently use your time
• Appropriate workplace behavior
• Functions of Organizational Behavior
• Crystallise your personal life vision, goals and objectives
• Describe the difference between urgent and important tasks
• Prioritise your tasks
• Apply a range of time management techniques to your life
• Examine how technology can help you manage your time

o Diagnostic clinic

Consequences of ineective time management Identify what runs your life Your time management style Time Management style quiz Describe what is working and what is not o Sharpen your focus Clarify your personal and professional vision Sharpening your focus – goals and objectives.