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Privacy Policy


At Q F M Management Consultancy, hereto as Quintessential 4 Media, we understand that privacy is important.

This Privacy Policy details what information Quintessential 4 Media gathers about you and how we use it. The terms of our Privacy Policy apply to all Quintessential 4 Media customers and whether Quintessential 4 Media collects the information in electronic or paper forms.

Types of information we may gather

Quintessential 4 Media collects information such as your address, telephone number(s), and other contact, demographic, and billing information only by voluntary disclosure directly from you, as an attendee or as an exhibitor. Quintessential 4 Media databases contain information on all customers, including authors, exhibitors and advertisers, for the purpose of conducting official Quintessential 4 Media business.

Examples of ways we collect your information

Information can be collected on an order form, an event registration form, or in another manner when information is requested or products and services purchased from Quintessential 4 Media. Quintessential 4 Media collects contact information (address, phone number, etc.), payment information (an account or credit card number) and other information. This information is used to fulfill orders and to contact the customer as necessary.

Quintessential 4 Media’s websites automatically records the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer accessing the site as well as the time and date of access. This information does not identify you personally, nor does it contain your name or email address. Quintessential 4 Media uses this information solely for the purpose of diagnosing problems with the Quintessential 4 Media server and to administer the website.

Quintessential 4 Media uses Internet cookies to deliver content that is specific to your interests and to keep track of your preferences. When your browser accesses the site, Quintessential 4 Media’s server checks your browser settings to see if it is permissible to store this identification information on your computer. The cookies set by Quintessential 4 Media do not personally identify you; they simply permit Quintessential 4 Media’s websites to know what your preferences are. Cookies are also used to help determine how many unique users access pages on the website and may direct specific advertising content to you on selected pages.

How we use your information

The information Quintessential 4 Media collects is intended to allow Quintessential 4 Media to communicate with you, process your transaction effectively and efficiently and plan future programs and services to better serve you. Quintessential 4 Media collects electronic information solely for the purpose of diagnosing problems with the Quintessential 4 Media server and to administer the website.

Members and customers may elect to have Quintessential 4 Media not use their email address for Quintessential 4 Media communications; however, an email address is required for the completion of certain transactions. Even when Quintessential 4 Media customers request that Quintessential 4 Media restrict use of their personal information, Quintessential 4 Media may still use this information to contact you in connection with recent transactions.

If you choose to restrict use of your information, you may not receive certain communications from Quintessential 4 Media that may be of interest to you. Because of the nature of computer data storage, any information that you restrict will remain stored but will not be accessed in the normal course of business. Quintessential 4 Media will comply with any court orders that may be received requiring us to disclose information from our database, regardless of whether you have requested that the information be restricted.

How we disclose your information

From time to time, Quintessential 4 Media will permit companies, who, in Quintessential 4 Media’s estimation, have something of value to offer to Quintessential 4 Media customers to rent mailing lists. However, Quintessential 4 Media does not make available the email addresses of Quintessential 4 Media customers for non- Quintessential 4 Media business. Customers may choose to restrict use or disclosure of their name, address, or telephone number on mailing lists that may be rented to others.

Quintessential 4 Media collects payment information (such as a credit card number) for the purpose of completing transactions. Quintessential 4 Media does not disclose credit card or other financial information to any other individual or organization.

How to access and maintain your information we collect

Quintessential 4 Media customers may review or modify their information by contacting Quintessential 4 Media. Quintessential 4 Media also provides customers the opportunity to request that Quintessential 4 Media restrict the use of personal information. This request may be made when the information is provided or at a later time by contacting info@quintessential4media.com

Policy changes

Quintessential 4 Media reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policies and practices without notice. We may modify, alter, or update our Privacy Policy at any time, so we encourage you to review this page frequently.

Secure transactions

Quintessential 4 Media uses industry-standard measures to protect your submission of credit card information to Quintessential 4 Media. Quintessential 4 Media uses a secure server and encrypted data transmission using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology. SSL Technology encrypts the transmitted information to make it very difficult for anyone other than Quintessential 4 Media to decode the information. Quintessential 4 Media’s implementation of SSL is authenticated by Paypal.

You can verify that you are in a secure-transmission portion of Quintessential 4 Media’s website (or our registration and exhibitor websites) in one of two ways:

  • Look for an unbroken key symbol or lock symbol at the bottom status bar of your browser. This shows that you are in a secured mode.
  • Look at the URL address in your browser window. When in secured mode, the address changes from http to “https.”

Quintessential4media.com website

WebHostingHub provides and hosts this website for the Quintessential 4 Media.

When accessing material through an Quintessential 4 Media website, you will:

  • Acknowledge that Quintessential 4 Media owns the copyright for or has permission to use all materials displayed on this site. You are authorized to read and use this information for your personal use. You are not authorized to share the materials on an Quintessential 4 Media website with others by copying or sending it to them. The materials displayed on Quintessential 4 Media websites are protected under the United Arab Emirates copyright law. You agree that if you choose to use Quintessential 4 Media communications tools, you give Quintessential 4 Media full and unrestricted permission to use and republish any materials that you post to Quintessential 4 Media -owned sites in any way Quintessential 4 Media deems fit, without compensation to you.
  • Understand that you may not post anything to an Quintessential 4 Media online community that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, or offensive. You may not use any Quintessential 4 Media communication tool to promote any commercial venture, including mass email solicitations (“spamming”) of any nature. You understand that if Quintessential 4 Media, at its sole discretion, believes you are abusing the use of these tools in any manner, Quintessential 4 Media will delete your postings and may terminate without notice or liability your right to access the site.
  • Understand that THE CONTENTS OF ANY QUINTESSENTIAL 4 MEDIA WEBSITE, ITS ONLINE COMMUNITIES AND SUBSIDIARY SITES AND YOUR ABILITY TO ACCESS THESE SITES ARE PROVIDED “AS IS.”QUINTESSENTIAL 4 MEDIA DOES NOT WARRANT OR GUARANTEE THAT ANY FILES THAT YOU DOWNLOAD FROM ITS SITES ARE VIRUS FREE. You are encouraged to use virus-checking software. Quintessential4media.com and other Quintessential 4 Media websites include links to sites maintained by others. Quintessential 4 Media has no responsibility for the contents on linked sites.


Quintessential 4 Media uses cookies to deliver content that is specific to your interests and to keep track of your preferences. Cookies are small text files that help identify you and your preferences when you return to an Quintessential 4 Media website. When your browser accesses the site, Quintessential 4 Media’s server checks your browser settings to see if it is permissible to store this identification information on your computer.


This site uses cookies to store information on your computer.

Some cookies on this site are essential, and the site won’t work as expected without them. These cookies are set when you submit a form, login or interact with the site by doing something that goes beyond clicking on simple links.
We also use some non-essential cookies to anonymously track visitors or enhance your experience of the site.

You can disable cookies at any time by your browser settings.

Read the documentation of your browser for more information.

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Links to quintessential4media.com from non- Quintessential 4 Media websites

Quintessential 4 Media welcomes links from websites of other industry-related organizations with the following conditions:

Links to www.quinteesential4media.com

  • Links to the Quintessential 4 Media home page are acceptable without notification to Quintessential 4 Media
  • Links to the Quintessential 4 Media home page may not be included on the home page of any non- Quintessential 4 Media website without written permission from Quintessential 4 Media
  • No commercially oriented text or graphics may be associated with the link to www.quintessential4media.com
  • Links may not imply any Quintessential 4 Media endorsement or sponsorship of the entity providing the link or any of the entity’s products or services
  • Links must be in a clearly identified “links” area of the non- Quintessential 4 Media website (where other organizations’ websites are also linked)
  • Links may use a hypertext saying “Quintessential 4 Media”. Only entities who have a formal relationship with Quintessential 4 Media are allowed to use the Quintessential 4 Media logo on a non- Quintessential 4 Media website (including but not limited to Quintessential 4 Media official contractors, exhibitors and sponsors)
  • Links to www.quintessential4media.com should open in a new browser window

Links to content on www.quintessential4media.com

  • Links to publicly available content on www.quintessential4media.com are acceptable without notification to Quintessential 4 Media
  • Links to any content that requires a login for access are not allowed
  • Links to any www.quintessential4media.com content may not be used to imply Quintessential 4 Media endorsement or sponsorship of the entity providing the link or any of the entity’s products or services
  • Hypertext links to content on www.quintessential4media.com must clearly identify the content of the link, preferably with identification of Quintessential 4 Media as part of the link text
  • Content on www.quintessential4media.com may not be enclosed in frames; it is preferable that links to Quintessential 4 Media content open in a new browser window

Content on pages within www.quintessential4media.com and URLs to content on www.quintessential4media.com may change at any time. Any links to content within www.quintessential4media.com should be reviewed regularly to assure that the links are still active and point to the intended content

The following description of Quintessential 4 Media and its purpose may be useful to organizations seeking to include a description with a link to Quintessential 4 Media. Use of this description is not required for linking to www.quintessential4media.com.

Links to Non- Quintessential 4 Media websites from www.quintessential4media.com

www.quintessential4media.com, including its subsidiary sites, establishes links to other organizations that offer information, goods, or services that address the technical or professional interests of individuals working in the offshore energy industry. Such links are provided as a convenience to www.quintessential4media.com visitors, and do not imply Quintessential 4 Media’s endorsement of the linked sites, the organizations operating such sites, or any products or services of those organizations. Quintessential 4 Media is not responsible for the contents of any linked site, any link contained in a linked site, or any changes or updates to the information contained in such sites. The privacy policies of linked sites may differ; you should check the privacy policy of linked sites before providing personal information.

Quintessential 4 Media generally does not engage in reciprocal linking (i.e., trading links), and requests for reciprocal linking will be ignored. If you would like to request a link to your site from www.quintessential4media.com, please review our existing links and provide an explanation of how your site is consistent with the existing links and why it should be added. Links on www.quintessential4media.com will not include any commercially oriented text or graphics with the exception of sponsors of Quintessential 4 Media events and paid advertising. (For information about advertising on www.quintessential4media.com, contact here.)

Links to other sites are added at the discretion of Quintessential 4 Media, and Quintessential 4 Media reserves the right to remove links to any other websites at any time. Objections to any links on www.quintessential4media.com or any of its subsidiary sites are to be directed to our Marketing department on by clicking here.

  • Agree, as a condition of being granted the right to access and use www.quintessential4media.com and its subsidiary sites that Quintessential 4 Media is not liable to you for anything that happens as a result of your use of information from www.quintessential4media.com or subsidiary sites.
  • Acknowledge that materials posted to an online community are the intellectual property of the author and agree not to reuse any of this information without the express permission of the author or copyright holder.

Transfer of information abroad

Quintessential 4 Media operates through various local legal entities. When you provide information through this website, you will be providing it to Quintessential 4 Media as a whole, and should be aware that it may be accessed from countries whose laws provide various levels of protection for personal data, not always equivalent to the level of protection that may be provide in your own country.

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of U.A.E. The parties have required that these Terms and Conditions and all related documents be drawn up in Arabic & English.

Last Updated: june 2017

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